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It’s true that men are most likely to lose their hair more than women, yet thinning hair and hair loss actually affects both sexes. Hair loss can range from the basic and short-lived (like a vitamin deficiency) to the complicated, like an underlying health condition.

According to research done by hair experts:

“By age 30, about 25-30% of males will have some baldness. Half of all males suffer substantial hair loss by the age of 50.”

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We established our clinic to provide an affordable solution to the people that are wanting to obtain a hair, beard, brow transplant procedure done. Our technique is simple:

Why pay more for something that you can get for much less?

We provide the updated development in hair, beard, brow transplant methods with discount rate rates of approximately ₤ 2000 off your surgery.

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Hair Transplant We Provide

Hair transplant methods can vary from different clinics. There are typically 3 treatments we’re utilizing for our hair transplantation treatments. Each provides their own benefits as well as additionally disadvantages. The 3 most advanced techniques, we make usage of are:

Other areas we cover:

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