Follicular Unit Extraction

What is Follicular Unit Extraction Method?

Follicular unit removal is a method that takes individual follicular systems from the scalp. The FUE stands in contrast to follicular system hair transplant (FUT), known also as the “strip” approach, where many hair follicles are eliminated at the same time.

This hair transplant procedure is less painful as well as it does not leave a scar on the benefactor location. In FUE method, the hair transplant expert can handpick the best hair roots that are being transplanted thus all-natural, lively hair is generated after the treatment.

How Does Follicular Unit Extraction Method Work?

FUE hair transplant technique entails the one by one extraction of follicular systems from the contributor location, while in FUT (Strip) follicular units are collected through a single strip harvesting and stereo-microscopic breakdown. After that, the follicular systems placement equals for the 2 methods.

FUE is therefore applied via the removal of follicular systems from the back and sides of the scalp as well as their implantation to the area affected by hair loss.
It can recreate natural hair growth, as hair transplanted hair grows back in its natural occurring groups of 1-4 hairs. When applied by medical professionals with high surgical skills & very created visual understanding, FUE can achieve refined & undetected visual outcomes.

FUE has removed the demand for a straight cut and permits hair transplant physicians to execute Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation with solitary & direct harvesting of the follicular units.

FUE procedure includes a circular laceration (of 0.7mm-0.8 mm diameter) around each follicular unit, the extraction of the follicular device and also its implantation to the baldness area of the scalp. 

Extremely great openings are left at the contributor area. FUE technique allows physicians to harvest individual follicular devices, while guaranteeing the minimum of peripheral damages.

Benefits of Using Follicular Unit Extraction Method

  • Less scarring
  • No tension on the scalp because the cells are not separated

Downsides of Using Follicular Unit Extraction Method

  • FUE method is not suitable for all people, there are some instances where in the follicular units are damaged during the extraction Damages follicular devices indicates undesirable hair development.
  • FUE method is a difficult procedure. It is not recommended for a large session of hair transplantation.
  • Long term hair development is not constantly an outcome given that some hair roots are damaged/torn during the removal.
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