Follicular Unit Transplant

What is Follicular Unit Transplant Method?

Follicular device transplantation (FUT) is a modern method of hair transplant that can improve and restore hairlines that have been impacted by androgenetic alopecia, otherwise called age-related hair loss. Despite its prevalence among both middle-aged men as well as females, study pertaining to the source of hair loss continues to be inconclusive and an option stays evasive.

This technique recreates all-natural hair development, as hair transplanted hair regrows in its all-natural taking place groups of 1-4 hairs. When implemented by medical professionals with high surgical skills & very established visual perception, FUT (Strip) can achieve refined & undetectable visual results.

How Does Follicular Unit Transplant Method Work?

The hair transplant doctor removes a strip of skin cells from the donor location (back & sides of the scalp). The entire process is done with treatment and also precision in order not to harm the nearby follicular units. The service technician’s experience and also skills are of wonderful importance in order to attain the smallest feasible incision to the donor area.

The follicular systems are then collected from the strip with stereo-microscopic breakdown. With using microscopic lens, the strip is further cut into slices which, in turn, are dissected right into follicular devices (teams of 1-4 hairs). The success of the dissecting process depends upon the know-how, experience, precision & attention of the medical group.

The extracted follicular units are kept in a solution until the moment they will be implanted. The service technician starts putting the follicular systems into the lacerations with great interest. Throughout this process, the physician observes all the basic principles of perfect positioning.

Since brand-new hair will start to appear after 3 months, the client has to wait up to 12– 15 months for a full FUT result.

Disadvantages of Using Follicular Unit Transplant Method

  • FUT surgical procedure can leave you with a straight mark on the benefactor location
  • FUT procedure requires sewing that is why most people choose FUE approach for the factor that the treatment is very basic and also pain totally free
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